League Policies
Code of Conduct: All players must adhere to the Code of Conduct, signed and agreed upon at registration. Players that do not follow the code and threaten other players' experience on the court will be subject to league consequences including warnings, suspension from games and expulsions from the league without any refund of the league fee. ie. Don't be a douchebag on the court and always apologize for nailing someone in the head.
  • Sub Players: Sub players are allowed in all regular season games. They are not allowed during playoffs/finals. All subs must sign the waiver to play and pay a $5 sub fee. Any player not signed in risks the forfeit of every game that is played. In order to sub, the player must adhere to sub rules (certain leagues may allow for exceptions):
    • 1. Has not played in a WDS league within the last 6 months - women exempt;
    • 2. Must be in good standing - no yellow or red cards from any WDS league in the last 6 months;
    • 3. Subject to League Manager approval in certain leagues.
  • Replacement Players: In the event a player has been kidnapped, they can be replaced by an equal-level player, subject to approval from the league manager. The player is not guaranteed a sweet league tshirt or gift. Players must be replaced prior to week 7 or BEFORE the last regular game of the season. Please contact the league manager immediately if this occurs (after the police, of course). The new incoming player is subject to a $5 registration fee and must officially register to join the roster. The league manager will send instructions for registration. Any player not registered risks the forfeit of every game that is played. Documented injuries or medical emergencies occurring after the replacement deadline should be brought to the attention of the league manager immediately.
  • Filling Rosters: If the cap of players for a team has not been reached, additional players may be added at any point in the season before Playoffs/Finals as long as they adhere to the set ratio for the league and are approved by the league manager. The registration fee is prorated, but depending on the registration date, the player is not guaranteed a sweet league tshirt or gift.
  • Refunds: All refunds are subject to a $5 processing fee or a player may opt to transfer their registration to a future season. Refunds may only be requested prior to the first game of each season. 
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